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Blogging - the pros, the cons, the prose

An editor at Crown seems to have been fired for blogging that Starbucks may overtake B&N as a publishing powerbroker.

Click here and scan down to March 6 for more on the story.

Different companies have different policies about blogging. According to Publishers Lunch, here is part of publishers Thomas Nelson's policy:
"Be nice. Avoid attacking other individuals or companies. This includes fellow employees, authors, customers, vendors, competitors, or shareholders. You are welcome to disagree with the Company's leaders, provided your tone is respectful. If in doubt, we suggest that you 'sleep on it' and then submit your entry to the Blogging Oversight Committee before posting it on your blog."

What about authors as bloggers? Some talk about the process, some about politics, some about their favorite TV shows. I might mix in a little of each, although I'm mostly interested in blogging about the writing process and the publishing industry. Read Publisher's Weekly's take on YA author's blogging here, including many folks who are on LJ. They see it as nearly a necessity for teen authors. I was amazed to read that Meg Cabot's editor edits her blog, too. I guess I want to be fresher than that. Maybe I'm not marketing oriented enough.

What do you like to read about, blog-wise?

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