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Hoping your returns net you many happy returns

David Skibbins has a new book in his mystery series out, The Star. To try to drum up new readers, when his first book, Eight of Swords, went into paperback and was remaindered in hardcover, he bought up boxes and boxes of it. He is now offering to send signed copies to folks FOR FREE. This would probably be suicidal if Eights of Swords was new in paperback, but the paperback had probably been out for a year.

In an email to fans, he said, "I know, I know, most of you have already read it. I'm not really giving it to you. I want you to hand it on to someone you know who is going to love this book. (It's OK if you want to read or reread it before you give it away.)

"Hey, Skibbins, why blow all that money?" you may ask. Here is a truth about the publishing industry: no amount of advertising, no glowing reviews, no nationwide publicity campaign, no ten city book tour, nothing sells books as effectively as word of mouth. Word of Mouth Rules!"

This is an interesting concept. I wonder if it will pay off down the road. At a minimum he'll have quite a write-off on his taxes.

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