aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Page 123 Meme

Selimsa said "So here's the thing: turn to page 123 in your work-in-progress. (If you haven't gotten to page 123 yet, then turn to page 23. If you haven't gotten there yet, then get busy and write page 23.) Count down four sentences and then instead of just the fifth sentence, give us the whole paragraph."

Per instructions, from Shadows Walking Backward:

An hour from now and miles from here, her father would soon be following instructions to drop off a black duffle bag stuffed tight with money. One that held no tracking devices or dye packs or anything else. Or they would kill her. And her father was to come alone, with no one following him in another car or in the air or even with a computer. Or they would kill her.

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Tags: or they would kill her

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