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5-minute Youtube video leads to millions

Don't try this at home.

I know so many self-pubbed authors who think that if only they make a Youtube video that people will be fascinated by it and their book will sell to hundreds of readers.

Judging by the quality of the videos, I've seen, maybe not.

But here is one video that did make a big difference. An agent used it to land a seven-figure deal.

PW reports, "Curtis Brown agent Elizabeth Sheinkman knew she had a special proposal on her hands with Rupert Isaacson's manuscript-to-be about his inspirational journey with his autistic son. Yet The Horse Boy was far from your traditional book project. It was pitched as an inspirational to-be-written memoir about Isaacson's forthcoming trip to Mongolia with his son to visit shamans on horseback. (Isaacson's son is mysteriously calmed by the equine presence, and shamans have, also mysteriously, had a profound and immediate effect on the boy.)

"That the book had an added film component—Isaacson is working with friends to film his journey and the project is in pre-production and set to premiere at Sundance in 2008)—gave Sheinkman an idea. She asked Isaacson, who was planning on putting some sample footage on YouTube, to hold off putting up clips until she had sent his proposal to editors.

"Sheinkman then included links to a five-minute clip posted on MySpace and YouTube in the final pitch. She wound up selling the title to Little, Brown's Judy Clain for seven figures after a six-way auction."

On March 2, Publisher's Marketplace said that UK rights sold for six figures, at auction, French rights had sold, and auctions were under way in Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Japan. The author intends to use his proceeds to build a dedicated autism school in Austin, TX.

Maybe for my next book before I even write it I should make a movie about it and post the clip on You-Tube?

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