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A tale twice told

It's not just Finn (Huckleberry Finn retold about the dad) or the recently sold Tink (The Peter Pan story through eyes of Tinkerbell). Publishers Lunch shows that lots of authors have put their own twist on existing stories:
• David Maine's fourth novel MONSTER, 1959, a literary retelling of a 1950s style B-monster movie
• David Wroblewski's EDGAR SAWTELLE, a retelling of Hamlet set in present-day rural Wisconsin
• Elissa Elliot's EVE, retelling the life of the world's first woman in the vein of "The Red Tent,"
• Pushcart Prize-winning author Lance Olsen's ANXIOUS DREAMS, a retelling of Kafka's "The Metamorphosis," Gregor's plight as seen through the eyes of those around him - hysterical mother, stern father, unfaithful sister, pragmatic household cook - as well as through the eyes of a young woman in contemporary London, reading Kafka's novella for the first time
• Cambridge classicist and art historian Nigel Spivey's SONGS ON BRONZE, a contemporary retelling of the Greek myths, to Paul Elie at Farrar, Straus, by Zoe Pagnamenta at PFD New York (US).
• Los Angeles Times writer Mary Rourke's first novel MARY AND JOANNA, an historical novel of Mary of Nazareth, told through the eyes of her cousin, Joanna, who married high into Herod's court, but who is consumptive, and therefore personally drawn to Mary's son
• Commentator and columnist Robin Gerber's ELEANOR VERSUS IKE, a fictional reimagining (inspired by actual events) of what would have happened if Eleanor Roosevelt ran for president against Eisenhower in 1952
• David Maine's THE BOOK OF SAMSON, a dark reimagining of the Bible story
• Paperback rights to Judith Kitchen's THE HOUSE ON ECCLES ROAD, a contemporary reimagining of James Joyce's Ulysses, told from Molly's perspective

What can you make your own?

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