aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The horse's mouth

There is nothing like going to the source, or as close as you can get it, for jargon. I was telling another doctor how much I liked my surgeon. He had a good bedside manner in the office, but once he was in scrubs he radiated happiness. He clearly loved to do surgery. And this other doc said, "I've only scrubbed in with him four or five times, but I love to watch him operate." "Scrubbed in"! What perfect doctorly jargon.

Or I'm reading a book from a guy who joined the FBI and had to endure being the FNG for the first year, or Fucking New Guy. Again, interesting jargon. Don't make it up. Don't count on what you hear on TV being right. Go to the source if you can.

I've heard that Mario Puzo made up most of the mob slang he used – and that later the real mob picked it up. Life imitating art.

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Tags: out of the mouths
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