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Thomas Kinkade – author?

Thomas Kinkade is this guy who paints these kitschy paintings that are then mass-produced. I was looking for something on Amazon.com last week when I discovered he is also an "author." [Full disclosure: I would bet you dollars to donuts that he is much an author as I am an astronaut.]

He has all kinds of books, some with a credited co-author, some just in his name, including a series called "The Girls of Lighthouse Lane." I guess I'm glad some ghostwriter is probably earning a living, but it's kind of sad that the credit (the books seem to be liked by readers) goes to him.

There have been stories about him fondling women, urinating in public, and getting falling down drunk. Read more here.

About a year ago, he lost a lawsuit for $860,000 brought by two former Thomas Kinkade gallery owners who accused him of hiding business risks and using Christian themes to win their trust. The American Arbitration Association ruling said Kinkade and other company officials frequently used terms such as "partner," "trust," "Christian" and "God" to convey a sense of "higher calling" to the couple.

The gallery owner said Media Arts Group forced them to buy two or three copies of each new edition of Kinkade's canvas reproductions, but they proved to be slow sellers. Dealers were not allowed to discount the pieces, which sometimes cost thousands of dollars, and could return them only if they bought two or three new prints for each one sent back.

Not exactly the kind of guy I would want to be supporting with my book-buying dollars, even if some portion went to the ghostwriter.

My LJ friend sarazarr pointed me to this story,too.

PS Can anyone tell me how to make the LJ friend link so that people reading this could just click over to Sara Zarr, for example? [Updated to add: Yeah! Thank you! I fixed this! Thanks grrlpup!]

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