aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I am Donna Bostwick

You know how they say everyone has a double, a doppelganger? I went for a run this morning. At a light, a man in a white BMW looked over at me, and then his face registered delight. He rolled down his window and called out something. I pulled out my headphones. He said, "It's me. Tom. Tom [Something.]." I ran through my memory banks. Had we worked together? Did his kids go to school with mine? Nothing rang a bell. I figured it had to be through my writing. In that arena, more people know me than I know them.

He was nice looking, hair going a little silver at the temples, wearing a dark gray suit. He opened his door and leaned out, still talking. I took a few steps closer, but not so close that he could grab me. He was still running through names, sure that recognition would soon dawn. I finally figured out that he was saying something along these lines. He was sure I was his ex-wife's Sandy's best friend, Donna Bostwick.

I'm April Henry, I said. It was his turn to look really confused. When the light turned green, we went our separate ways.

I like to think of myself as unique.

So does anyone know Donna?

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