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I'm going to call my next book The Secret of the Secret of the Secret's Success

From today's online Publishers Weekly:

The Secret of The Secret's Success from SMP
by Matthew Thornton
In a deal inspired by current bestseller and Oprah phenomenon The Secret, Thomas Dunne has announced that his imprint at St. Martin's will publish Karen Kelly's The Secret of the Secret in August. This will be a wide-ranging analysis of Rhonda Byrne's book; Madeleine Morel at 2M Communications sold world rights.

Kelly, a former editor at Warner Books who has also worked as a ghostwriter, will talk to media and publishing professionals, scientists, psychologists and philosophy experts to help explain the success of The Secret and whether its message, on the power of positive thinking, really works. Kelly will also reveal The Secret's scientific and religious influences and investigate the lives of eminent figures like Shakespeare, Einstein and Plato to see if these men did, as Byrne claims, all share The Secret.

(Full disclosure: This sounds like a hard slog. I don't envy Karen Kelly, except maybe her advance.)

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