aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Possibly weirdest idea yet for promoting a book

From Publishers Weekly online: "Author Liam Callahan worked up a sweat at an unusual event promoting his new novel, All Saints, in Glendale, Wisc. Callahan visited the local Le
Sports Club where he combined a signing with a spin class."

And it shows a very sweaty author, surrounded by other sweaty participants, still on their bikes. He's signing an autograph.

Pros: It did get him to be PW's picture of day. Probably helped it wasn't the usual "author standing with bookstore owner" or "authors from panel standing with moderator" photo.

Cons: Unless the main character is a big spinner, what does this have to do with the book?

Note to self: what other weird possiblitites for signings are there? Laundramats? Doctor's waiting rooms?

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Tags: sit n spin
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