aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Happy birthday to me

April 14 is not a particularly auspicious day. Lincoln was shot on April 14 (although he died on 15th). The Titanic sank. And I was born.

Gillian Welch even has an album about it. "April the 14th Part 1" is the first of a pair of non-identical twins reflecting on disasters large and small. It starts in the large with "When the iceberg hit...," and weaves three disasters that happened on April 14 - the sinking of the Titanic, Lincoln's assassination, and the worst dust storm of the Oklahoma Dust Bowl - around an elliptic story of an ill-fated band's performance. "They looked sick and stoned, and strangely dressed, and no one showed from the local press."

I don't have big plans for today. I'm just glad it's a Saturday.

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