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Denver Post on kid-lit

The Denver Post had an interesting article on kid-lit. One of the aspects it touches on is the problem with having a girl who reads above grade level. "Many children, including the best readers, tend to read ahead of their grade level. This can be a problem when it comes to subject matter, especially for girls. A fifth-grader who reads at a ninth-grade level may find books suddenly presupposing an interest in boyfriends and sex."

I've had that problem with my own kid, who is 11. For the Oregonian, I recently reviewed (positively) The Boy Book, but I haven't offered it to her to read because in the beginning the 16 yo main character let a boy she just met kiss her and fondle her breasts. If kid wanted to read it, I wouldn't say no, but I haven't suggested it either. If kid were older, I think I would feel differently, but I don't want to shape kid's worldview, so to speak.

For those of you with tween kids, what do you think?

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