aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I miss Italy!

Three weeks ago we were there, as part of a long-planned trip to Europe, my first since college, my husband's first ever. We were staying in the Cinque Terra on the Mediterranean, but there is a Sicilian pastry maker who lives in Vernazza, one of the five small villages that make up the "Five Earths." So our days would start off with fresh-squeezed blood orange juice and our choice of two-dozen freshly made Sicilian pastries. I loved the ones stuffed with fresh ricotta. For lunch, it might be pesto ravioli in creamy walnut sauce. Dinner might be antipasto (fresh mozzarella, fresh anchovies, olives, spicy eggplant spread, bread, tomatoes) and porcini risotto, followed by panne cotta with fresh strawberries.

The villages are tiny and steep and very beautiful, perched about the Lingurian Sea (the Mediterranean). We hiked five or six hours a day, some of it incredibly steep. Because we clambered around like mountain goats, we actually lost weight during our trip.


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Tags: vacations are hard to recover from
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