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If Poisoned Pen has to close a store, is there hope for this world?

Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale has probably the best mystery bookstore in the world. Barbara and Robert, a husband and wife team, know and love mystery writers. Even a relatively unknown author who came to their store could be sure of a good turnout and good local media coverage. I remember being in their store while I was on tour. While I was there, someone from my high school called, upset because he couldn't make the signing. He had seen it in the paper and wanted to come. I was floored. This guy was super cool in high school. By virture of our last names, we often sat next to each other, where I listened to him talk to his friends about his wild weekends and debate just how fast his car could go. Now Poison Pen had managed to make me look like the star.

Two years ago they opened a sister bookstore in Phoenix – which is now closing.

I sure hope it was a fluke due to the building being closed for two weeks, not a sign. Read more here.

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