aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I saw London, I saw myself in France

One of the biggest thrills in Paris was going to a bookstore near the Sorbonne and finding my books in a section called something that looked like "Police" in French. I had brought my printout from amazon.fr and tried using the words crimi and mystery with no success. I should have said "noir," although maybe that word is only used in America like that (and we usually only use it for film).

I tried asked if they did what we call "drive-by signings" in America, but either a) the concept of having an author sign stock which will then be stickered with autographed stickers was foreign, or b) the info desk lady's French did not extend that far. Since by that time everytime I tried to speak French what came out was a fractured mix of English, Italian and German (and I kept thinking of sign language words!), I probably wasn't making sense.

Still it was a big, big thrill to stand there looking my books and inhaling the warm spring air through an open window.

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