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They have finally the occassion to make knowledge of me

Yesterday I received a clipping of my second review in a French consumer magazine. One devoted to books, but still! My French agent wrote "Voila!" on it, which seemed like such a French thing to write.

It's for my new book out over there, called Buried Diamonds here and Poisoned Diamonds there. "It is a first for the French readers: they have finally the occasion to make knowledge with singular Claire Montrose." (This is what happens when you use an automated and free translation service.) Claire's my main character (and the name I would have given our daughter if my husband hadn't won the bet), and the magazine describes her as awkward, full of humor, and the girl next door. The story was described as original and skillfully constructed. And I am described as a "queen of crime," who has no reason to feel jealous of the other "queens of crime."

At least I think all these things are true. See the disclaimer above about free translation services.

There was good French news all around today, with news of a royalty payment, plus the other half of a paperback advance (I hadn't realized there was another half). And last night I googled myself in French, which I had never done before. Google lets you automatically translate pages to awkward English. There were more than a thousand results! It was amazing and overwhelming. I only looked at a few. Without background knowledge, you don't know whether you are looking at a blog or the online version of a print magazine or a bookstore site. The ony reason I knew about the print magazine is that they contacted my French publisher, who contacted my French agent, who contacted my American agent, who contacted me - asking for a high-res digital photo.

Can you read French? Here is the original.

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