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Everyone does it - even Charlotte Bronte

Sometimes I think that basing a novel on the nugget of a true story is a recent invention. In the past, I think, they had better imaginations and made things up from whole cloth.

Only maybe not. Today is the birthday of Charlotte Bronte. As a young woman, Charlotte worked as a teacher and a governess. She found the work tedious, and often didn't get along with the children. She was working at a small private school called Roe Head when she heard a story about a governess who had married a man only to learn that the man was already married. It turned out that his first wife had gone mad, and so he had locked her away on the second floor of his house.

That story stuck in Charlotte's head for years, and became the basis for Jane Eyre. It was an immediate success.

She once said, "I am neither a man nor a woman but an author."

What story is stuck in your head?

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