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Should I join?

I'm wondering if I should join the International Thriller Writer's Association. I'm a member of Willamette Writers (a local group), Sisters in Crime (which does have a local chapter, although I seldom have time to attend), and Society of Childrens' Book Writers and Illustrators (no local chapter, but it was a brand new field to me). Not of Mystery Writers of America, because there is no local chapter.

So is anyone out there a member of ITW? Or a member of MWA who thinks I should still join?

A recent LA Times article says, "ITW arrived in Los Angeles on a recent Saturday to launch its "Brunch & Bullets" luncheon series, which drew about 100 Southern California thriller fans who paid $150 each to chat with bestselling ITW authors… [Full disclosure: Sometimes I think that's the secret to success: charging! When people pay to hear you speak, they value it more.] Romantic suspense maven Sandra Brown discussed her book "Ricochet," which received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. Suffice it to say Brown has never been profiled in the New Yorker, although she's written 65 novels that have sold 70 million copies worldwide. Paranormal thriller author Heather Graham described "The Dead Room," her latest in a string of 100 books, including several New York Times bestsellers. Military thriller author Gregg Hurwitz, legal thriller bestseller John Lescroart and financial thriller writer Christopher Reich bantered at the bar, a sign of just how expansive the genre has become in the last decade. ITW used its L.A. event to announce those books nominated for its new Thriller Awards, whose winners will be revealed at its conference this summer, two months after the Edgars. "It's a healthy rivalry," said Reed Farrell Coleman, former executive vice president of MWA. "But they've motivated us to take some steps we needed to take."" (Read more here.)

My next two YAs will be thrillers, which makes me fit in hm … not any one place in particular….

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