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Books into movies

Some years it seems like there is very little interest in turning books into movies. Other times you might get leaked out the back door. That happened to my first book Circles of Confusion.. It got leaked to Fox. Which made my agent mad. I was just so excited to find out I was leakable! There were some movie ups and downs with that book. It was on Drew Barrymore's short list. (She made Riding in Cars with Boys). Meyers/Shires looked at it three times (they divorced, but not before making What Women Want. Now the female half makes movies like The Holiday). Red Wagon (Memoirs of a Geisha, Jarhead, Bewitched) took it to Disney - but didn't get the green light.

The LA Times has an article that "illustrates the cutthroat scramble to corner the market on literary material for films and television."

And Publisher's Weekly talks about how many film people are at the Bologna children's book fair, looking for good material.

I heart movie interest! For one thing, sometimes talk can drag out forever and ever. You can enjoy weeks, months, and even years worth of fantasies!

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