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One series you HAVE to read

The longer I'm published, the fewer books enthrall me. I read and start thinking like a writer, rewriting the dialog, cutting out narrative, shouting "Where's the motivation?" in my head.

But. But. Then there is John Marsen's Tomorrow series. That was some of the best reading I've done in a long time. Tomorrow When the War Began is the first book. It's about a group of Australian teens on a campout who come home to find out their country has been invaded, their parents rounded up and put in prison camps. They are forced to become resistance fighters.

And now in PW online I read "The Ellie Chronicles by John Marsden (Scholastic Press) launches in April with While I Live, a new series that follows some of the same characters from Marsden's Tomorrow series." I am going out this weekend and getting my own copy! Yeah!

Anyone else out there a fan of this series? And does anyone know why James Marsden is also credited in Amazon but not on the cover? Who is he?

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