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Lemon water

Ever since about the beginning of the year, my life has been a blur:
- Doing line edits for Fire, Kiss, Electric Chair
- Working with a co-writer on a new series - and creating character sketches, a detailed outline, and writing the first 65 pages.
- My first two-week vacation ever - to Europe!
- Working full time.
- Working full time at a place that has turned over about half its staff in less than a year.
- Learning that Shock Point was a Quick Pick, on the Texas Tayshas list, a Pennsylvania Reader's Choice nominee, on the New York Public Library's list of Books for the Teen Age, and one of just 25 books nominated for the Top 10 Books for Teens award.
- Doing a couple of school visits - and trying to set up some more. (Texas librarians - if you are interested in having me come to your library next fall, let me know. I'm ganging up a bunch of schools. Or any librarians, for that matter.)
- Juggling being both a mother and a daughter.
- Writing an article for The Writer.
- Writing book reviews for the Oregonian.
- Teaching a weekend-long class for The Oregon Writer's Workshop.
- Being sick a couple three times.

Which explains why when I leaned into the fridge today and wondered why it smelled kind of like lemon and kind of like rotten. In the bottom of the vegetable crisper I found a plastic bag that held what used to be a lemon.

Only now it was basically water. Rotten lemon water.


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