aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Today was Barbara's birthday

My computer helpfully reminded me that today was Barbara Seranella's birthday. It would have been her 51st. I was invited to the big party for her 50th, the one that marked the miracle of her surviving not one but two liver transplants and a lot of complications. I wasn't sure how many people I would actually know, so I didn't go. Now I wish I would have.

I still keep her last email to me from when she was in the hospital waiting for a third liver that never came. The first part talked shop, and then she ended with:

"I sleep most of the time, nestled in my hospital linen and glad that I am not outside in the cold and wind and snow.

Lots of love, B"

Her new book Deadman's Switchcame out this month. I had the privilege of reading the first draft. I have no idea how she wrote that book. Her health was poor, her energy nil. But she did it.

And even planned on it being a series.

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