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Debut mystery authors that publishers hope will hit the big time

Publishers Weekly has an article about "maiden mysteries" – books by first-time mystery authors that may or may not hit the big-time. Many of these maiden authors have been published before, just not mysteries. Like Portland's own Chelsea Cain, who has written about her experience growing up with her hippie mom in Dharma Girl, as well as a book that was a funny look at Nancy Drew, grown up. And even though she sites Nancy Drew as an inspiration, PW says one scene features a character having her small intestine removed with a crochet hook. Chelsea writes a bittersweet Oregonian column featuring memories of her childhood, so what I've been hearing about this book has been a bit of a surprise.

As a freelance reviewer for the Oregonian, so far I've received Advanced Reading Copies of A Good and Happy Child and The Cleaner. We'll see if they live up to the hype. The first chapter of A Good and Happy Child seemed a bit overwritten, but the book got a lot of starred reviews from bookseller trade magazines, so he might settle down soon and find his pace. I have to admit that The Cleaner looks pretty inviting.

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