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How writing what you love can turn your world upside down - in a good way!

Do you love Charlaine Harris's books?

If you don't, you should.

And now Charlaine will get a lot more fans, because Alan Ball, the creator of Six Feet Under on HBO, is doing a series called True Blood based on her Sookie Stackhouse books.

After writing a couple of midlist mystery series, she told me that she went in a different direction because she felt her career was hanging in the midlist doldrums. To give her creative brain an electric shock, she decided to write something quite different so she wouldn't have to follow the same rules. She threw in everything she'd ever wanted to write: vampires, werewolves, fight scenes, very quick action, and some explicit sex. Though the book (DEAD UNTIL DARK) was initially hard to the sell to publishers, it has paid off for her - in spades.

There's a lesson in here someplace for all us writers. Write what you love.

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