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Elaine Viets is loved

In April, 57 yo mystery writer Elaine Viets suffered a severe stroke. Elaine and I are part of a group of mystery authors who called ourselves - among ourselves - "almost famous" or ALFAs for short. [Full disclosure: some of us are getting pretty big-time, AKA NY Times bestseller's list, to really call ourselves that, but still.] Elaine lives in Florida, I live in Oregon, and if we've ever met, I don't remember it. But she has been super-helpful to me over the years, including giving me great anecdotes for articles I've written for The Writer and Writer's Digest.

Elaine has a new book, Murder with Reservations out this month. She's still in the hospital, and there is no way she is touring for it. So a bunch of her author friends have pitched in to help.

Here's more on the story.

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