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Can it get any lower than this?

I heart ebay. I buy pretty much all my clothes – except used socks, because you have to draw the line somewhere – on ebay. I grew up a thrift store girl, and ebay is like a thrift store with an infinite selection and no weird smells.

Here in Oregon, it seems like an elementary school teacher stole a third grader’s coat right off the playground and listed it on ebay the next day. The girl's mom spotted it when she went to buy her daugther a replacement coat.

Makes you wonder how often the teacher has done something like it, because she has more than 1,000 ebay ratings (I have 495 after about six years). And she has a 99.9% rating, quite high, so it means her customers are satisfied with whatever they are receiving from her. I hope she wasn’t trolling through the playground every day.

Read more about this sad and bizarre story here.

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