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Love vs. Fear

I work as well as write, and lately I've been thinking about managers. I'm talking everything from a supervisor with two employees to a CEO of a huge company.

And I've decided they all take one of two approaches:
- They rule through fear.
- They rule through love.

"Toolkit" is a horrible jargony word we use at work (although with "learnings" and "silos"). Here's what are in each type of manger's toolkit.

Fear's toolkit:
- Mocking
- Shaming
- Lecturing
- Yelling
- Shaking a finger in someone's face

And for the advanced fear-based manager:
- Firing. As in, someone is escorted out of the building by security. Or they go off to a meeting and never come back, and later someone comes by and picks up their coat and purse and takes them away.

Love's toolkit:
- Praise
- Expressions of thanks
- Small gifts
- Shared laughter

And for the advanced love-based manager:
- Personal stories and other forms of bonding
- Letting you try new things, even if you fail.

Which type of manger is more successful? I think that's harder to say. It depends on how you view it. Fear-based managers can initially get a lot accomplished. But if times are hard, their staff will look out for number one, because that's what they've been taught to do. Also, I honestly don't believe fear-based managers are going to have many friends or be at ease in their personal life.

At heart, I think fear-based managers are unhappy. Maybe that's why they act the way they do.

What do you think? Can you put all managers into one of these two groups? And can a person change?

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