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There’s a story here – I’m just not sure I’m the one to write it

So these Oregon high school basketball players have been charged with hazing a new member of the team. Hazing, as the Oregonian article points out, can run the gamut from having a new team member sing The Star Spangled Banner with cookies in their mouth to what happened in this case. Which seems to be sexual assault.

The article begins:
The evidence against three Molalla High School basketball players accused of sexual assault starts with a text-message to a vacationing friend that recounts, according to prosecutors, how the players "pansted" and violated a younger teammate.

"Why did you do that?" the friend fired back.

The answer: "That's what we always do."

Now three teens and star athletes are in jail and charged with sex abuse."

It’s a small town. I wonder what it’s like for the boy who told?

Obviously, one parent is in denial. “Reached by phone Friday, Vera Berokoff, the mother of the 18-year-old senior, said she was distraught over the way her son is being treated. ‘We're very upset about it, and we're thinking that they made too big a deal out of it,’ she said. ‘It's something that the kids all did in fun.’”

[Full disclosure: Sure sounds like my idea of fun.] Read more here.

Do you know of any YAs that deal with hazing?

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