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I’ve been panned, but I think this would be worse

I’ve had my share of great reviews: In Dallas, in Toronto, in DC, in Denver, in Seattle. And crappy ones too – that means you, mean reviewers in San Francisco and Los Angeles! But somehow I wonder if a bad book review might sting less than this article in the Oregonian today, “Young novelists draw scant crowd.”

Seems that two of the folks named Best Yong American Novelists by Granta did a reading, and hardly anyone came. …”one can perhaps forgive the overly ambitious set-up at Powell's City of Books last Friday night, with 60 or 70 folding chairs empty in anticipation of a reading by two of the 21 writers selected for Granta 97: Best of Young American Novelists 2. … Latecomers turned into no shows. Store staff stalled, and then, with barely a dozen seats occupied, shilled for an upcoming reading by Michael Chabon … for which it was advised to arrive early or be turned away.”

The article did reveal that talent must run in families. Maile Meloy, one of the authors is the older sister of Colin Meloy of the Decemberists. Kind of like Steve Jobs secret sister, Mona Simpson. Clearly some kind of genius running through that family, too. [Full disclosure: My kid’s piano teacher taught one of the Decemberists – as an adult. He also tours with Curtis Salgado. Ah, the compromises we artists make!]

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