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What do you think?

Do you think video clips on Youtube really help sell books? I've seen a ton of amateur ones done by self-pubbed mystery authors who think that flashing some clip art and some words on a screen will make me buy a book. And then every now and then I see something like the Parrotfish video and think, yeah, that makes me want to read it.

PW reports that Simon & Schuster has teamed with the Internet video company TurnHere Inc. to launch a "book-centric video channel" that will promote S&S authors and their new books. Bookvideos.tv will begin in early June, and the videos will also be available at SimonSays.com, YouTube and the authors' own Web sites. Though S&S has produced videos to promote its authors in the past, the venture with TurnHere represents a stronger and more formal commitment to using video to market authors. S&S will create videos for at least 40 authors, including Mary Higgins Clark, Kathy Reichs, Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz, Jennifer Weiner and Zane.

A VP for S&S is quoted as saying that video replicates, for the digital age, " the critical and time tested word-of-mouth excitement that comes from talking about a good read."

What do you think?

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