aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I need the title of a movie

or possibly a book. For my next book, Shadows Walking Backward, I want to do one of those mash-ups you always see on Publisher's Lunch, where a book is compared to two movies or two books or one of each, i.e. "It's Pride & Prejudice meets Beetle Juice."

Only I want to do something that makes more sense than my example. Shadows is about a blind girl who is kidnapped and must outwit her captors. The first part of the match up is obvious: Wait Until Dark. But I'd like to have a second comparision point. So can anyone think of a movie or well-known book about a character who is kidnapped - and the story is told at least primarily from the POV of the victim? And I'm not looking for anything high-tech (she's saved by lasers!) or about serial killers.

Free book to someone with the best idea. I'm the sole judge.

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