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Speed dating at BEA

BEA will have something "Speed Dating with Children's Authors.” Twenty authors will spend three minutes at each of 20 tables filled with eight or nine booksellers.

I’ve done this at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, so I feel for these authors. It is exhausting. At our event, the authors got to eat together beforehand, so I got to sit between RL Stine (the Goosebumps guy, who looked like a congenial lizard) and my friend Wendy French. Other authors included Michael Collins, Karen Fisher, Marissa Moss, Laura Numeroff, Walter Kirn [Full disclosure: we once shared the same screenwriter attached to our various books, but nothing ever came of mine, or I believe, his] and Dan Price. We had 20 minutes, which was probably too long. Feeling strange talking about myself for 20 minutes, I ended up pushing Karen’s marvelous book, A Far Country, although I didn’t end up meeting her until later. But three minutes is going to be a killer!

Among the folks speed dating at BEA are Libba Bray, Christopher Paul Curtis, Harry Bliss, Doreen Cronin, Carmen Agra Deedy, Delia Ephron, Jack Gantos, Charise Mericle Harper, Sara Varon, Sara Pennypacker and Howard Whitehouse. Booksellers attending the program will leave with giveaway bags containing an item—such as a bookmark or button or book—representing the work of each author. [Full disclosure: at our event, every bookseller got a book – and so did every author!]

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