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Not much makes me gag, but this does

I had known there was a furor over the billboards for an upcoming movie called Captivity, starring Elisha Cuthbert, who was so bad in 24.

And I had seen a billboard, so I thought knew what the articles were talking about.

But I didn't see this: "In late March, owing to what Mr. Solomon insists was a printing mix-up, outdoor billboard ads for "Captivity" banned by the Motion Picture Association of America went up all over Los Angeles anyway. They showed the film's star, Elisha Cuthbert, with a black-gloved hand over her mouth and the word CAPTURE. Next to it, as her mascara-stained eyes look tearfully out a cage, is the word CONFINEMENT. In the next panel, titled TORTURE, tubes are coming out of her nose, draining blood. The last frame shows the actress hanging dead, lying on her back with one breast prominently displayed. The word in this panel: TERMINATION."

Ad Age has a disturbing article about so-called "Torture Porn" - films made on the cheap that end up reaping millions.

The guy who gave us Saw has a new film in the work. "Mr. Koules' newest project's title? "Tortured," about a young child who's abducted, tortured and killed. His parents do much the same to his abductor."

I loved 28 Weeks Later and Pulp Fiction. So I'm not against violence in films. But if the point is just to gross someone out, esp. in something that links sex and violence, well, that scares me. I don't think we should feed people that. I'm not sure where the line is. I just know that it's being crossed.

Read more here.

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