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Thinking outside the box for a book tour

The standard book tour looks like this: you do a little media in the day (if you're lucky), go to some bookstores for "drive-by" signings, and have an event in the evening that is pretty much interchangeable with the one you did in the city before: you, your book, a Q&A.

But Daniel Handler and Harper did something a little bit different, as reported in The Oregonian. "The different kind of reading Sunday at Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing -- billed as "Daniel Handler in conversation with Colin Meloy" -- delivered a droll exchange between the author and the lead singer for the Decemberists that started with Dracula's daughter and ended with "Peter and the Wolf."

The event was the last stop on a tour for the paperback release of "Adverbs" that was, Handler said, "an experiment on the part of HarperCollins and myself." The tour included "conversations" with author Christopher Moore ("You Suck: A Love Story," "Dirty Jobs") in the Bay Area; journalist Jason McBride in Toronto; David Rakoff (essayist, writer and frequent contributor to NPR) in New York; and Gregory Maguire ("Wicked," "Lost") in Boston."

Karen Karbo did something similar for the release of her book Motherhood Made a Man out of Me. In each city she was accompanied by a different mom/author.

This kind of thing is great. You get cross-over appeal, and you make the reading an event rather than something pretty ordinary.

You can read more of the article here.

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