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A pretty good use for myspace

A lot of schools have banned myspace. But here in Portland, one private school has found a way to use myspace to get students really thinking about literature.

"Portland Lutheran teacher Koty Zelinka decided to embrace the technology, and assigned a "Romeo and Juliet" MySpace project to the 40 students in her freshman and sophomore English classes. The play's characters fought out the Capulet-Montague feud online, with Zelinka's students creating profiles for the play's characters and updating the sites as they read.

Zelinka hoped to help students understand the play's characters using a medium they're familiar with and excited about. Students in groups of three or four created a Web site for a character, with pictures at the top, lists of hobbies, blog entries and a space where other characters could comment. Claire Danes, Leonardo DiCaprio and other actors from the 1996 film version were popular choices for photographs. Romeo's chaste lover Rosaline listed "Never Been Kissed" as one of her favorite movies. Juliet liked "The OC."

Read more about what this teacher is doing here.

I think this is clever! I have a myspace site for something disgusting on the side of the filing cabinet at our office. [Full disclosure: The one thing bad I've noticed on myspace is that because I said the blob was male, he gets tons and tons of friend requests from women wearing bikini tops or bending over in front of mirrors while wearing thongs who say they found his profile intriguing. And for some reason they all want him to go another site because myspace is so mean they can't post many of their pics.]

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