aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Why I whimper whenever I hear Winchester Cathedral

I don't whimper because it's a moldy-oldy song. Or nonsensical. No, I whimper because in seventh grade, our PE teacher, Miss Fronk, made us do a little routine to Winchester Cathderal. You would move your arms and legs in a certain rhythm, pause, move only one knee, and then switch how you moved your arms and legs. At least that was the theory.

Some part of my brain is broken or missing. The part that allows me to sense the rhythm and feel where I am in space. It is perhaps related to the other missing part of my brain, the one that is capable of say, deciding to walk through Central Park from one mystery store to another, and somehow ending up on the exact same side of the park, only an hour later and a mile further down. The part that can't read maps, can't understand directions, and cannot be taught east, west, etc.

Miss Fronk would stand in front of me, hands on hips, legs bizarrely shaved only to the knee (so that her royal blue shorts exposed muscular, hairy thighs) and bark commands. It didn't matter. I couldn't do it. I got Cs in PE, just like I got Cs in penmanship in grade school. I would have graduated with a 4.0 from highschool, if it weren't for PE.

Yesterday I took the Chisel 1000 class at my local gym. You do many reps with weights and you supposedly do 1,000 crunches. I could handle all that. I've been running four days a week until I broke my toe, and I exercise every single frigging day. What I couldn't handle was the warmup. " Step to the side, punch it out, and clap, and clap..." It was like Miss Fronk had been transformed into Michael, same build, same hairy thighs, only he had a bandanna tied around his balding head. I simply could not move the same way or at the same rhythm.

And this morning? This morning I have discovered a few muscles I never knew I had. They are talking to me, reminding me that maybe I do need this class. And maybe I'll just march to the beat of my own drummer during the warmup.

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