aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Criss Cross, Kira Kira - and Shock Point?

My child will be in middle school next year. We just got the packet that lists some of the school's goals for the year, as well as the school supply list. The school has a big emphasis on reading (yeah!). There was also a list of suggested reading for the summer. The books included Newberry winners Criss Cross and Kira Kira.

But imagine my surprise and delight to see that one of the 17 was Shock Point. Maybe it comes of nearly every review labeling it a good book for reluctant readers. (I still don't know why they don't have the same label for adult books - maybe they've just given up on the idea that reluctant readers might be coaxed into reading?)

To all my other author friends out there - do you think this helps? It would be wonderful for Shock Point to be nominated as a YALSA "quick pick for reluctant readers," but I think a librarian has to do that.


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Tags: reluctant readers, yalsa
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