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Migraine – the miracle cure

I have been getting migraines since I was a college freshman. The first time, I thought I was dying. Later, I realized you only want to die. I've been on various meds over the years: Cafergot, Isocom, Vicodin. Imitrex and Maxalt actually help. But then I had two headaches in two months that left me vomiting uncontrollably. That's not good. I was used to kind where you threw up once, felt terrible, but then felt better. But with these I just threw up, feeling like my head was exploding, threw up again, and repeated it over and over and over for hours.

So my doctor suggested this:
B-6 200 mg 10 days prior to menses
Magnesium 340 mg 10 days prior to menses
Low salt diet 10 days prior to menses
Prescription Naproxen 550 mg am and pm starting about 2 days prior to your menses.

And here's what I've really done: the B-6 and the magnesium every single day. And OTC Naproxen if I remember and if it's around the time of my "menses." And I'm not good at sticking to a low-salt for 1/3 of the month, so I didn't do it.

And it has made a huge, huge difference. Even if you're a guy who gets migraines, it might be worthwhile to try the supplements. I just went through Europe this spring, so nights of sleeping in strange beds, strange schedules, strange foods, and it was my period – all things guaranteed to kill me before. And I didn't take a single Maxalt. I did take my vitamins along, though.

I basically have not had a migraine in four months.

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