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Wonderful free resource for published children's book authors

Despite obsessive googling, Yahoo alerts and Google alerts, it's always hard to know where your book has been reviewed.

Yesterday, I found a great resource for children's book authors. One thing I've learned this year is that reviews for children's books seem to often come out well after the book itself. This doesn't happen so much in the adult book world. If a book isn't brand new or yet to be published, I can seldom interest my Oregonian editor into assigning it to me for review, for example.

So if you want to take advantage of this offer, I would wait until after your book has been out six months. Then go to http://clcd.odyssi.com/admin/form.pl. You can sign up for a free seven-day trial to search their data base of children's book reviews. I just found several reviews for Shock Point that I didn't know about. And the nice thing about this trial is that they don't make you put in your credit card number and require you to remember to unsubscribe.

When I was writing mysteries and thrillers for adults, I used to use our library's online database search function, and I also have signed up for Wall Street Journal's free seven day offer (this one does need a Visa) to search their databases for reviews.

Reviews help sell paperbacks when they are printed on the back cover. They still sway me. Blurbs from other authors usually don't. As a reviewer, I see so many of author blurbs that I tune them out. You never know if they really reflect the actual quality of the book, or a mutual friend, editor or city of residence. I know Pat Conroy used to call himself a "blurb whore." And Nelson DeMille seems to crank them out.

That doesn't stop me from trying to get author blurbs for my own books. Because I'm probably not the typical reader.

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