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“Transcending the genre”

Mysteries can be all kinds of things. They can even be good. So why does reviewer after reviewer seem to feel the urge to sell the book by saying it “transcends the genre.” Look at the May issue of More magazine, which features three mysteries.

The review for Sheer Abandon says the author is “well-known for writing page-turners that absorb even the most literate reader. With Sheer Abandon she again transcends the testosterone-drenched nature of a typical thriller…”

Season of the Witch is described as “genre-stretching.”

And The Big Girls is described as “suspense in a classy literary package.”

I’ve got news for reviewers. Mysteries don’t have to fall neatly into categories, and they can even appeal to “the most literate reader.” Just because a book is good doesn’t mean that it’s at risk of getting kicked out of the canon.

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