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Powells does something different when it comes to book promotion

A few months back, I heard that Powells was going to do a documentary film on an author and then offer it to dozens of bookstores around the country as way of having an event with the author being there. It features the author reading from and talking about the book, and is supposed to be paired with some other draw, like a person playing live music. The person they picked for their maiden voyage was Ian McEwan. [Full disclosure: I had thought it might be local boy Chuck Palahniuk.]

Will this work? Who knows? There’s a lot of buzz about On Chesil Beach. The guy’s an admired writer.

In part, the article says, “"The book industry has not kept up with creative technology," said Dave Weich, the director of marketing and development for Powells.com. "Author events are very limiting and depend tremendously on the author's speaking ability. Nothing can replace the personal connection of going to an event and seeing an author in person, but we think there are other ways to reach people than just flying someone into a city and having them do a reading."” Read more here.

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