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How kids choose which books to read

There was a fascinating article in School Library Journal about how kids chose which novels to read.

It says, in part "For the students in this study, covers impacted their selection of fiction books more than any other factor. The nine factors that most impacted student selection, in order from greatest to least, were:
1. cover
2. title
3. reading the cover’s flap copy, summary, and/or other text
4. genre;
5. recommendation from a friend
6. recommendation from a librarian
7. series
8. length
9. author

The author did another study using the ALA's Quick Pick list. And I felt so pleased to see the results:

"I replicated this study using the 2007 Quick Picks list. Students were asked: Which of these books have covers that might make you want to check them out of the school library to read? Check as many or as few as you like.

Here are the top five results:
1. Shock Point
April Henry

[Full disclosure: I had cover approval for this cover, which meant I basically said it looked great, although i asked if the oak tree was maybe out of place, which no one ever responded to. The oak tree stayed.]

Read more about the study here.

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