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Teen mags for girls

Forbes has an article on teen mags for girls . One it examines is Teen Vogue. The article says in part, “Teen Vogue seems to suggest maybe, without being didactic about it, the teen books ought to clean up their acts. Its March issue cover lines featured "Sweet 16 parties," "Should your school day start later?" and "Romantic white dresses," as well as how to earn a summer internship. April's issue includes a report on how more schools are cracking down on "dirty dancing" at the prom, and a cautionary feature on "Big spenders: Are you a shopaholic?" plus another titled, "I saw my friend die," about "drunk driving's deadly toll."”

Certainly beats CosmoGirl, which seems to have articles like “Tips for looking hot this summer” and “10 most asked sex Qs answered” and “All about guys.”

And some teen mags have folded, like Teen People and Elle Girl.

Maybe I should pick up some for research, but for right now, I’ll just eavesdrop on kid and friends. I don’t necessarily want to write about girls who only care about their skin, hair, and abs.

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