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Eight things

I’ve been tagged by arthurslade for the 8Things Meme. Now technically I’m supposed to tag people in turn, but as someone who used to be able to do three-dimensional calculus in high school (although I now can’t balance my checkbook), I know that if each person tags eight people, there soon will be no one left in the universe. So if you would like to be tagged, consider yourself tagged.

1. My first story was about a woman named Maggie who was crushed by a log rolling off a log truck. I was in third or fourth grade. I just liked the drama of it all.
2. My favorite snack in high school was called “Pizza Spins.” Obviously, I doomed them by liking them. They went the way of Quisp cereal and Space Food Sticks.
3. I know how to camel walk (as in belly dance).
4. I was the world’s pickiest eater as a kid, but one of my favorite foods was lima beans. Don’t tell anyone, but edamame kind of taste like lima beans.
5. I sent a story to Roald Dahl when I was 11, and he helped get it published. It was about a six-foot tall frog who liked peanut butter.
6. I time everything – how long I run, how long I write, how long I can do something before I am allowed to do something else. I also count things. I have self-diagnosed this as mild OCD.
7. I call my mom every morning and have since my dad died. We fought all through high school. Now we're very close.
8. I cannot walk in high heels. Last time I tried, my girlfriend started laughing so hard she fell off the couch and told me I looked like a transvestite.

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