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How the acquisitions process works

Ever wonder how the mysterious world of "acquisitions" works? (Full disclosure: I can barely spell it.) I've sold seven books (or is it eight?), but I still didn't know. I have had reports back from acquisitions. For example, with my first book in what became a four book series, Circles of Confusion, the editor said they had had a big debate on whether the title was right. I countered with a list of potential titles (Square in the Face, Heart-Shaped Box, etc), and they were satisified. (Full disclosure: if the series had continued on and on, I would have known it was time to end if it I started writing The Terrifying Tetrahedron.)

When she first told me they weren't sure they liked the title, at first I was in a bit of a panic, but then I realized how cool it was that a room full of strangers was discussing my book! With the idea that there would be bookS!

Read more about the acquisitions process here.

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