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This sounds like a great non-fiction series for kids who like mysteries

SLJ reports that “"24/7: Science Behind the Scenes" debuted in April with 12 titles in its "Forensic Files" collection that deal with topics like dental detective work, fingerprinting, and the science of bones. Each book includes high-profile cases, from serial killer Ted Bundy to New York's Mad Bomber, Q&As with professionals in the field, how-tos, investigatory tools, and resources.”

This sounds like a great series to interest kids who like to read mysteries or watch CSI. I thought it was interesting that the books are being written at a fifth grade level, but aimed at grades 8 to 12. That's just what I tried to do with Shock Point. It had been cited as a "high interest/low vocabulary" book because it is scores at 5.2 grade, yet appeals to older teens as well as younger ones.

Read more about the new series here.

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