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Okay, all you obsessive authors – what do YOU use for Google alerts? (David Lubar, this means you!)

At googlealert.com, you can pick three search terms and have the top 50 results emailed to you once a week for free. [Full disclosure: They try to get you to buy a better package, but I’m too cheap.] I would love to know if Shock Point is named to any state lists or put on a suggested summer reading list. Or anything else good.

Here’s what I’m currently using:
- “April Henry” [Full disclosure: I get a lot of "In April, Henry went to his castle."]
- “Shock Point” +April +Henry [I don’t put the April Henry in quotes because sometimes they list it as Henry, April]
- “Shock Point” –ecco +reading +list [The Ecco shoe brand has a type of shoe called “Shock Point."]

Got any suggestions for any better ways to do this? What do you use?

I also use “April Henry” in Yahoo Alerts, which is usually only good for getting links to the reviews I write for the Oregonian, or to get every article written by this reporter in Ohio named April Henry.

And is there a way to do it automatically at Technorati? Like a Technorati alert?

Are there other ways I could be obsessing?

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