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Good news in Publishers Lunch for two of my friends

I guess I'm getting more established in this business - most issues, I actually know some of the folks mentioned on Publishers Lunch. And this week's section on film rights made me smile:

Sara Zarr's STORY OF A GIRL, about a teenage girl trying to live down her "school slut" reputation and repair her relationship with her family because, at the age of thirteen, her father caught her in the back seat of a Buick with a high school senior boy, optioned to Mixed Breed Films, with Kyra Sedgwick and Emily Lansbury producing, by Eddie Gamara at The Gotham Group, on behalf of Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. [Full disclosure: This mean's Sara can now play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, with herself as one of the players!]

Barry Lyga's THE ASTONISHING ADVENTURES OF FANBOY AND GOTH GIRL, optioned to Jeremiah Chechik's (Benny & Joon) Tinroof Pictures, by Houghton Mifflin.

Movie money and movie fantasies are so much fun. And since movie stuff drags on forever, they can last a very, very long time.

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