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The pros and cons of self-publishing – from someone who has been there

Kathryn Wall started by self-publishing her first mystery. It was picked up by a small press, and she went on to have a contract with St. Martins.

In this blog posting, she talks about the pros and cons of each.

In part, she says, “If I had to name the biggest difference among all three types of publishing, I'd say the elephant in the room is distribution. The big boys have it. The small presses have it to a certain extent, but generally without the sales staff of a NY house, or the connections to the Baker & Taylor buyer, the Costco buyer, and so on. A self-publisher can get placement on Amazon.com, perhaps a local independent bookstore or two, but anything farther afield than that is tough. By its nature, this limits the number of books you can hope to sell in attempting to recoup your investment. Certainly there are people who have done it successfully, but, as a former accountant, I can tell you a lot of them went broke, too.”

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