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Decoding the back of the ARC jacket

On the back of the jacket of an advanced readers copy (ARC) (which is sent to reviewers), or in the publisher’s catalog, you’ll often find marketing information, listing how the publisher plans to push the book. As a writer and a reviewer, I’m always interested in what these say.

Here are some recent ones I’ve come across lately:
- Author publicity (I would guess this could mean anything- or nothing)
- National print advertising (with a list of newspapers (the more listed, the more of a big deal)
- Excerpted in the author’s latest paperback (well, duh, this pretty much always happens)
- A mystery feature on the publisher’s Web site (every single mystery I’ve gotten from this publisher has said this, so again, not a big deal)
- Finished copy mailing (not sure why this is a big deal, I’m never certain why I get ARCs of some books, finished copies of some, and both of others)
- Author tour. (If they don’t mention where, I wonder if this means “where ever the author is willing to drive to.)
- Electronic marketing. (I have no idea what this means. It’s so vague as to be meaningless.)
- Online streaming video promotion on Yahoo, MSN, Netscape, Google, and YouTube. (Sounds impressive, anyway, even if I’m not sure it will sell books.)
- Email blast with prize giveaway from the author (This is from a big name, so I would assume he would have a big contact list).

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